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How to create a custom home page + login form

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  • techguy


    A couple ways to do this I think. One is to just redirect people that aren’t logged in to your login page. That way if they hit the home page, they’ll just get sent to the login page if they’re not logged in. There’s a few recent threads with ways to do it and some plugins I think also. Then, you’ll want to exclude the login page from the Nav too in your theme.

    It seems like you could also do this with a child theme where you just check is_user_logged_in() and based on that display the activity or login. I haven’t looked into this much, but it seems reasonable. There’s probably an activity template you could include using locate_template()



    Thanks @techguy

    I’ve added an if statement on the template page underneath get header section to check if the user is logged in and then redirect them with bp_core_redirect but it gives the error of “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by…./pluggable.php on line 868”

    I’ve replaced that with javascript redirect: window.location = “” but I’m not to keen on using javascript for redirection.



    I solved this by having two different blogs. One as a frontend and the second for BP.



    You’ll have to hook the bp_core_redirect to one of the initial load actions. That way you check to see if the user is logged in before the headers load and then you get the redirect error.



    You could also modify the header template to display a separate nav for logged in users where the home page points to the activity stream (or profile), even though the home page is still accessible the home link in the navigation will direct users to the activity stream (pros: easy implementation, cons: no real home page redirect)



    I’m very new to buddypress, could you tell me how you crated the login page?

    I’m also made a template page which contains side bar logo form . but when i access the login page via siteroot/login the page not error occured. ‘The page you were looking for was not found’

    could you help me?
    please …

    Thankz in advance

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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