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how to create a home page exactly like Facebook

  • oovia


    Can anyone help me to create a home page exactly like facebook with only login and register on homepage Iam using buddypress 1.5.5 theme.
    Thank you in advance

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  • danbpfr


    Do you really expect an answer ?



    hey thats not a nice response.

    I wont do it for you but the steps required are:

    Learn how to create page templates in WordPress.
    Create a custom page template that includes the BuddyPress login code. You can get this from sidebar.php.
    Choose your page template as the front page in the WordPress admin.

    These all require knowledge of CSS and HTML at minimum. You basically remove the wordpress loop and sidebar code from the page template and then fill it in with the login form code. Style it with CSS to make it look how you want.



    But if you do this, then the home page will display only the members avatar and a logout button when they are logged in, right? Would there be a way to have a login/register on the homepage for members who are not signed in? But then when they are signed in they would see the activity stream when they go to the homepage?

    Roger Coathup


    Yes, use a PHP conditional statement to check whether they are logged in and include the appropriate code.

    As @modemlooper points out, it’s straightforward work for a web developer, but does require knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS

    Ah, got it. Thanks!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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