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How to deal with registration

  • ldjautobody


    Hi again,

    While I am here, I wanted to ask someone what the best way to set up registration for BuddyPress is. In other words, where should I put the registration link? I have seen lots of people that use a widget in the sidebar, or also a nice little link up at the top of the page.

    What is the BEST way to show the Registration link in your professional opinions…which by the way are always VERY helpful! You guys really do have a great support forum and I really do appreciate all the great help!

    Happy Sunday All!

    Denise (ldjautobody)

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  • bp-help


    You can use the procedures from this tutorial:
    You could have a different logged out menu in which you could include the register link.



    @bphelp, Wow and thank you for the awesome tutorial. This is perfect! I was actually using the original site I put up as a tempsite until I had the whole Buddy Press and bbpress thing figured out. I am in the process now of building our new site which will up be and running shortly.

    The information you sent me is great. The register and log-in pages are wonderful. I am probably going to have to make some changes to our WP theme as I found out just recently that they have published a bbpress child theme which works great with the original WP theme. In fact, I’ll even give them a little plug here… has some awesome premium wordpress themes that are definitely work a “look see” by anyone that is light on WP coding and wants a truly beautiful theme! So there guys…there’s your “plug’o the day!” from LDJ! LOL

    Since learning a bunch of new things playing with the old temp site, the new site is going to be formatted completely different. I owe it to everyone here for their help during this learning curve and thank you everybody for all your great advice.

    I’ll put up the new url as soon as I get the stuff up and running and I know I’ll be back here to get more help as we move forward with our forum site.

    Thanks again for all your help!

    Denise (@ldjautobody) 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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