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How to delete specific members from a large group? II

  • palmdoc


    I’m sorry the moderator @danbp closed the topic when it really isn’t solved

    In the BACKEND:
    OK when I look at the member listing in each Group, I have hundreds of pages of members listed. There is no way to change the list display to more than 10 members. If I want to just remove one member from the group it would be tedious to scroll through hundreds of pages.
    I can’t seem to filter or search for the member in the group to perform the remove group function.

    The code provided in the earlier thread to be added to bp-custom.php

    // remove users from groups
    add_action('load-users.php',function() {
    if(isset($_GET['action']) && isset($_GET['bp_gid']) && isset($_GET['users'])) {
        $group_id = $_GET['bp_gid'];
        $users = $_GET['users'];
        foreach ($users as $user_id) {
            groups_leave_group( $group_id, $user_id );
        //Add some Javascript to handle the form submission
        add_action('admin_footer',function(){ ?>
            jQuery("select[name='action']").append(jQuery('<option value="groupleave">Remove from BP Group</option>'));
                if(jQuery("select[name='action'] :selected").val()=="groupleave") { e.preventDefault();
                    gid=prompt("Please enter a BuddyPres Group ID","");
                    jQuery(".wrap form").append('<input type="hidden" name="bp_gid" value="'+gid+'" />').submit();

    This I tried but I cannot see any way to search for the member in the group listing in the BACKEND

    Depsite putting the code snippet I do not see any search form in the upper left of the BACKEND of the member listing in groups.

    Please forgive me. I am not trolling. I really want to solve this as I have a problem trying to organise my group members.

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  • palmdoc


    I’m not a coder so forgive me if I don’t understand the Javascript in the code. Appreciate any help and hope there are others who understand what I’m getting at.

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