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How to disable bp_send_email_success in order to speed up message posting

  • Kpkna


    Hello to everybody. Im using email smtp to send email notification, and everythings goes very slow becaouse the buddypress is waitting for “success” notification. Did somebody know how to disable /remove this feature?

    Thank you for your answers.

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  • This was originally commented on an old post

    It’s tempting to draw conclusions about is_slow() from that other post but realistically that assumption needs testing.

    I would like BP to send emails asynchronously in the future — I think the WordCamp website codebase has an approach we could adopt.

    I think you need to provide more information. There’s several links in the other post you wrote in, and some of those give clues as to what could be useful to know. I’m personally not planning to debug this now, because it might be SMTP-specific or server-specific, but collecting patterns and observations will help me or another contributor make this better in the future.

    It’d be interesting to know:

    * Where is your site hosted?
    * Is your server using SMTP?
    * Who are you sending emails *through*? Gmail?
    * Does your server support IPv6 for SMTP traffic?



Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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