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How to edit bp_get_activity_action() and bp-core-widgets.php

  • Hi Everyone,
    Ive got a buddypress site online, ( and I need to add a class to some the links surrounding member names which are output in functions in bp-core-widgets.php and in the bp_get_activity_action() function. I use a translation plugin called Transposh ( and sometimes user’s names are translated by accident. Adding a ‘no_translate’ class to elements will stop this issue.
    So going through my bp-theme I’ve made changes the members loop and a few other places, but I need to access the main activity items and place this class on the member names. After doing my best to track down where this is generated in BP I figured that the main activity items come from bp_get_activity_action() on line 1137 of bp-activity-template.php bp_get_activity_action() doesn’t actually contain much in it, but calls in bp_get_activity_action_pre_meta with an apply_filters_ref_array.

    I can’t figure out where the array bp_get_activity_action_pre_meta is stored, or how I can edit it to insert that class. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    With the same goal of adding a class, I need to make changes to bp-core-widgets.php on line 66 to add the no_translate class.

    <a class="no_translate" href="” title=””>


    Is there a way I can do this with bp-custom.php? or can I save this file somewhere in my bp-theme directory and have it overwrite bp’s default bp-core-widgets.php?

    I’m still quite new to BP and trying to get a sense of how I can work with the templates/file structure while keeping it update-able for future releases.

    BP version 1.5.4
    WP 3.2.1

    Thanks a bunch!

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