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How to edit group word from toolbar

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  • danbpfr


    in such situation you have to read the codex:

    If you need to locate a word within BP, you can use the search function of Notepad++ or you can opening the bp-languages/buddypress.pot file. There you can see the word and the name of the file(s) containing it, included the line #.

    What else ? :D



    I tried to change the word “Group” in bp-languages/buddypress.pot file but nothing is happen same in the bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:361 . Is this word can’t be change in one file?



    you changed the wrong file. Never modify a core file when what you need is on the public side ! This means a template of the theme you’re using.
    i said “you can search a term in the pot file”, not you must modify the pot file. This file is necessary for translation purpose and has no activity on your site. With a pot file you can generate a po file, and by saving it, you create the compiled mo file. PHP use this mo file at least.

    How it works ?
    – searching a word: xxx.pot file
    – translating/modifying a word: xxx.po file (no T in the extension)
    – saving the po file within a po editor sofware like poEdit
    – saving the po file will generate a compiled format called .mo file witch must be uploaded on your server via FTP

    In your case, the word “groups” you want to modify is used in these files. You will find this piece of code in your po file.

    `#: bp-activity/bp-activity-loader.php:189
    #: bp-activity/bp-activity-loader.php:284 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:354
    #: bp-core/bp-core-template.php:260 bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:143
    #: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:179 bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:215
    #: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:251 bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:502
    #: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:844 bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:28
    #: bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:48 bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:119
    msgid “Groups”
    msgstr “”`

    Learn more here:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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