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How to force Buddypress to Update Activity Stream

  • Tafmakura


    I Have placed a post submit form on my activity stream where the update submit form is. I would like to force buddypress to show latest activities after I submit my form so that my newly submitted post’s activity will show in buddypress, at the moment there is a slight delay after I submit my form before Buddypress prompts me to “Load Newest”, I want the activity stream to load newest activities automatically so that the newly submitted post shows on the activity stream immediately after it has been submitted, similar to how updates work.

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  • danbp


    hi @tafmakura,

    As first, did you activated Activity auto-refresh in BP settings ?
    Second, as it concern a custom feature of yours, you have to check for ajax requests on your action post variable.
    That said, there is a latency of 15 seconds before “load more” will show up a new activity. Not sure if this can be modified.

    Seach on Trac for some hints about Ajax and activity.
    Perhaps those tickets #5328, #6195 can help you.



    Thank you

    Activity feed is updating after every 15 seconds and the “Load Newest” link appears if new activities exist. I am no expert PHP developer but every 15 seconds admin-ajax.php is being called by buddypress, I assume this is to check for latest activities, I want to replicate what buddypress is doing every 15 sec just once so that on my form submit after the ‘bp_activity_add’ action happens I can call the same function just once, to “force” the display of my newly added activity. I dont’t need to alter the 15 sec default interval.



    BTW this can be used to modify the heartbeat but that does not solve my issue

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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