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HOW TO: Install BPDEV Plugins

  • nicolagreco


    Hi guys,

    lots of people are asking me how to install BPDEV Plugins ( )

    === What are they? ===

    BPDEV Plugins is a set of plugins that extends BuddyPress feautures, it contains various and good plugins (i hope :D)

    They are:

    BPDEV Core that runs core for BPDEV Plugins

    BPDEV Admin that adds an admin panel to activate/deactivate plugins

    BPDEV TinyMCE that add visual editor to wires and topic/post writing

    BPDEV Theme that allows to add simply new stylesheet and some theme tweaks

    BPDEV Autosuggest & Search that adds an ajax members&group search

    BPDEV Aggregator (will be finished as soon (it’s flickr, youtube, twitter all in one))

    BPDEV Widgets that adds widget-ready areas and asap a set of widgets like the ones in bpdev

    This plugins are finished but still in testing : BPDEV Subscribe (allows users to subscribe to wpmu blogs and show wich blog they’ve subscribed in their profiles) and BPDEV Group Extra (adds extra field as XProfile)


    * Open the terminal and go to /my-installation-path/wp-content/mu-plugins

    * Create a dir called svn-bpdev and checkout svn

    o $ mkdir svn-bpdev

    o $ cd svn-bpdev/

    o $ svn co .

    o $ cp -rf bpdev-* ../

    * Keep BPDEV Plugins ever up to date

    o Go to /my-installation-path/wp-content/mu-plugins

    o $ cp -rf svn-bpdev/bpdev-* .

    * Activate and Deactivate plugins in your dashboard (WP Admin->BPDEV Plugins->Plugins)

    If you want use zip here is the last trunk zip


    help on irc on freenode at #buddypress, in this forum, in bpdev forum

    Bug Reporting here

    Thanks to all :)

    Who wants make donation to my developments can donate via the button on

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  • macarti


    Hi, I’ve upgraded to wordpress 2.7.1 and successfully installed and activated bpdev plugins.

    I’ve want to a add flickr gallery to each profile but I am clueless about how to do it, I see no flickr seccion in my profile or any other and in the control pannel I see nowhere I can put my flickr key.

    Thanks for the code Nicola. :)

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