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How to Integrate WP & BP Search Categories

  • atburi



    I’m posting this in both the and BP How-To Forums as I’m not sure which one I should post in. I am building a site that runs a single version of WordPress (latest version) along with the BuddyPress plugin (which included bbPress).

    As I understand it, WordPress has its own search field which searches the WordPress Blog (posts, categories, tags) and individual WP Pages.

    And BuddyPress has its own search field, which searches Groups, Members, Forum Topics, and Blogs (if using WPMU).

    Is there a way to add two more search fields to the drop down menu of the BuddyPress Search, to include a search function for WP Pages, and the WP main Blog.

    I will have a bunch of WordPress pages that I will be using to host profiles businesses in which any user can comment upon at the bottom of the page (through WP comments). So the WP Pages are like their own section which is why I would like to have a separate search category for them.

    This might not be possible to separate the WP Blog and WP Pages while performing a WordPress search. But at the very least it would be nice to have the BuddyPress Search menu also include a search category for all of WordPress.

    I came across the customized Google Site Search in another post, but that isn’t exactly what I’m looking for since you can’t search within specific categories.

    so, any help would be great. I look forward to hearing what options there are.


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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