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How to link custom profile field to external site?

  • volcore


    For my website, I’ve created an ID field users have to enter to create an account. On a user’s profile page I want the ability for others to click the ID and go to an external site with that ID. For example, with an ID of 12345, I want the ability for someone to click the link in that user’s profile and go to BuddyPress already has something similar to this but it only searches for members in the site with that ID. I want it to go to a different site with the ID. I assume this would have to be an action of some kind, but what would the hook be? Additionally, how can I access the profile field’s value? Any idea what the code would look like to send someone to a different site in a new tab? Thanks for your time.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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