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How to Make a Achievements thing?

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    I was wondering how i can make achievements for my users of my bp site.

    I want to add a achievements column under, add friend area on a person profile page.

    Like if a user posts a lot, or does something, they get rewarded?

    i have all my achievement pictures, but how can i add another section under .

    How do i add another section, i can write the achievements stuff, but i just want to add another box column .

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  • The approach to take in a plugin is to hook into the various WP and BP actions and then reward achievements as and when appropriate. You need to record in the database which achievements have been obtained. And write the administration and user interfaces for BuddyPress as a custom component.

    I am myself working on an achievements plugin. I had hoped to release a test version today but I can’t promise that, it’s looking unlikely. But we shall see..




    Look forward to it. I feel this kind of functionality could really junp start conversations on a bp site.


    yah ive seen this thing on redvsblues website, and nowere else

    I mean it would be cool to have for members, because you could make “mature” to “imature” achievments like. The Cookie eater, the Forum Junkie, and Simple minded achievments, the list goes on, etc etc.

    but i cant figure out how to add another section below the bp addfriends area on a person profile page.

    to lazy to fix grammatical errors :D



    I was looking for something similar to rank on forums based on post count, but achievements would be even better on BP, since there are different types of actions possible.


    i agree, i mean bp forum is alright, but it seems that just bp suite works fine.

    Its a very unique idea, because anyone can register “or email invite only”, and register for a blog, its basically giving somebody a website, which i think will be very useful in the future, for those running bp websites.

    A ranks system can be done with phpbb, bp should have achievements like red vs blue, cuz it makes user more aware, and feel more welcomed in the community. Rather than “oh i just signed up on this site” , users should at least be able to earn something…



    It would be easy if bbpress plugins can be enabled!


    i have bbpress plugins enabled , but is their a plugin ?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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