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How to make Avatar a requirement?

  • rimoreno


    Great People of Buddypress Forum!
    How can i make user’s avatars a requirement without downloading a premium plug in? I have looked online and could only find a premium plug in, but theres got to be a different way.

    I am using BuddyPress Profile Tabs and Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type for user’s profiles.

    Thank you all

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  • Henry


    Which premium plugin did you find?

    To make uploading an avatar a requirement you’d have to have an upload form on the registration page. This used to happen in BuddyPress. Some discussion on it in this thread:



    I am on BP 1.8.1 using extended profiles. At the end of my registration process a screen displays automatically asking for the new user to upload an avatar. I assumed that this was an addition with either BP 1.8.1 or part of extended profiles. This essentially adds the avatar upload to the registration process. Am I the only one seeing this?
    Unfortunately when a new user clicks the upload button it does not work. Instead of allowing the new user to browse for an image and crop it and then upload it, the new user is just directed back to the registration page.
    I posted a separate thread about this a week ago. Please let me know if anyone is also struggling with getting the avatar upload to work in the registration process.



    A few things to add to the situation.
    I have looked in the register.php file which I can modify in my child theme folder (Registration/register.php). The code to upload an avatar during the registration process exist at the end of the register.php file. The upload step however only displays when I have my suffusion theme active. It does not show up in the default twentytwelve or twentythrirteen themes or the buddypressdefault theme.
    The final step of the registration process says “Your Current Avatar” and gives the option to choose a file and upload the image. When I select a file and click the Upload Image button the cropping tool should display but it doesn’t. Instead I get directed back to an empty registration page.
    Please let me know if anyone has a fix for this. I would really like to use the avatar upload in registration and I think others want this option as well.



    After doing some research I have found that the avatar upload step was showing up in my child theme but it has been discontinued due to security risks with uploading images to the server for non-registered users. I cut this block of code out of the register.php file per the directions in this codex page:

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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