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How to make pages ……….

  • hkcharlie


    ……..if you are using a buddypress theme.

    Yes the buddypress theme makes the site all social, but what if I just want to add some pages of my own, can it be done?

    Am I right in saying that a buddypress theme will not be compatible with a wordpress theme and vice-versa?

    Any help is very welcome.

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  • peterverkooijen


    You can make pages in the regular WordPress part. And maybe this is helpful.



    ty Peter

    OK – I can make pages in the regular wordpress part and see them in the back end, but they do not appear on the buddypress theme. There is no menu option for them.

    The “this is helpful” is indeed helpful, but isn’t the point of a content management system like worpress. I’d like to press a button to add new pages easily.

    I think either the buddypress theme doesn’t show new pages in a menu or I have missed something to turn on or off.



    Just need to add the core wordpress function to list the pages into the buddypress theme and it should show your newly added pages to the main menu.



    @ charlie

    Have you tried the Pages widget? You can list all your WP pages in specific orders, even exclude certain pages from the list using their page ID. It’s simple and works well.



    thanks pcwriter.

    Yes the pages widget works and shows my pages, but it still looks ugly compared to a classic wordpress menu system with drop downs.



    You can create categories with the category widget. (and choice the display)

    And create your page(s) within each category (this allow also nested cat – sub cat nav)

    Can I have members capable of making pages on their own? For instance, they swish to create a page about a topic, and diplay their imagery and some notes etc. Not a blog, but it would still need to be accessible to that member, and only that member (and admins of course).

    Can this be done using BuddyPress? The theme I am using is FishBook, thanks.

    Dang, anyone have any advice for me? Thanks!

    hi, i have same problem as you before but that is solved now, thanks to svc. all you need is multi-level navigation plugin. but you must know code a bit.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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