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How to make the child pages of "members" page full width?

  • binutz


    I am using I am using WP.version -3.4 and Buddypress 1.6. with BP-Default (child) theme.

    I was able to make my “members page” full width (without sidebar) by copying members folder from BP-Default theme folder to my child theme folder and subsequently editing the file ‘members/single/home.php” as follows :

    in Line no 12 : changed the entry ` div id=”content”` to ` div id=”content-full”`
    in line no.77: fully removed the entry ( get_sidebar)

    I did the same with members/index.php file too in the members folder in my child theme

    It worked well for me.

    Now,I would like to make the child pages (that I have created under “members” page) full width with out any sidebar. Can somebody tell me how to do this?

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