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How to post blogs since upgrade to 1.6.1

  • CallMeAndy


    My site has been in development since upgrading to 1.6.1, just discovered prior to going live that where new registrations previously had (perhaps wordpress functionality-rather than buddypress -I dont really know) the ability to make post and were contributors by default. There now seems to be no access to the admin post-editor for a user, I guess they are not contributors by default, but how do I provide this functionality, or where does a user find it.

    I want new registration to be able to post immediatly all be it pending editor role review.

    Perhaps related I see that Network Admin Users are not now showing with the main blog as a site attribute, however in the members area they do show as members of the main blog.

    This is a Multisite setup of course.

    Any help appreciated

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  • CallMeAndy


    So Multisite BuddyPress and WP now, all other plugins removed.
    This makes no difference there is no interface for someone newly registerred to act as a contributor.

    On delving it is obvious why – new registrants are not added to existing sites including the main blog. If you add a user manually to the main blog he gets his contributor interface.

    So I guess what I need to know is if there is a way to automatically add him to the main blog on sign-up.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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