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How to put avatar upload in registration?

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  • PJ



    The user registration process could be refined. It confuses most users who aren’t Buddypress savvy.

    Combining the username/email entry page with the avatar uploading at the bottom would make things a lot easier. That way the following page would simply say to click the confirmation email and login to get started.

    Problem then is people can upload graphics without having an activated account. We’ve taken out the pre-activation upload avatar step out of the BP-Default 1.3 (will be shipping in BuddyPress 1.3) theme, but it’d be trivial to put back in or re-order as PJ suggests.



    Alright, that makes sense. Thank you @djpaul .



    Hi all,
    I am still interested in this functionality. I find that is confusing for users that has just completed the registration find – “you’ve just completed the registration upload a picture”. They will skip it.. Only those very interested in uploading a picture will do that.

    I was thinking to split the registration in 2 passes – my buddypress community is an alumni social network

    – first: choose username&password page => click on next
    – second: secondary information (classes, masters, phD) and picture upload.

    Final page – compliments! check your mail to activate your new account.

    I am using BP registration options plugin but i can’t realize this idea.
    Can someone help me?
    Thanks a lot.



    Does anybody else has a problem with avatar upload after succesful registration ? My new members succesfully sign up and then succesfully upload their photos , then they go to their email accounts to activate it and when they come back into their profiles their uploaded profile photo is not there , so they need to upload it again – this time without any problem , obviously many of them let that be , pls where should be a problem ?



    @4ella Yep. I’m having the same issue

    I think it will be easier a plugin that :

    1) Lock Buddypress to non registred users
    2) Allow to configure the welcome page as facebook does, with login area for registred, and register fields for non members and backgrounds, info, links on this welcome page.
    3) After the register process, show a page to upload avatar or skip this step.




    I’d like to export the avatar form and extra fields form in order to provide its in a pop-up just after registration.
    How can I do that ?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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