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How to remove the WP widgets from the dashboard

  • Asif Irtiza


    in the dashboard there are some widgets like Recent from WP etc. how can i remove those? they might confuse a user when writing a post in the shared blog (contributor)

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  • @mercime


    Bloggers with Contributor roles won’t be able to see the Themes > Widget panel at all. Contributors can only see the Posts > Add New panel and Posts > Edit (their own posts) panel.

    Asif Irtiza


    @mercime thanks for answering.

    i know that. but i am talking about other widgets that populate the dashboard; besides and below the “quick press” widget. is there a way to remove those widgets/boxes?

    Brajesh Singh


    Take a look at this one.

    Specially the section which describes how to remove the widget from dashboard.
    You might want to put your code in bp-custom.php/as a plugin so that it affects all the blogs on your network(if you have allowed multiblog) otherwise just putting them in functions.php of your theme will suffice.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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