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How to set up a localhost using Eclipse, PHPEclipse, and MAMP

  • Arx Poetica


    I’m migrating my dev environment to Eclipse…previously just used MAMP and a text editor, but for what I’m doing I need greater SVN repo version control.

    So I’m fairly versed in using Eclipse for Java development (tho’ I use it mostly for front end coding), use it every day, and with Java you typically set up run configurations (I use Jetty & Maven for Java)…

    …PHP, on the other hand…I’ve searched far and wide online trying to find basic answers to running a localhost within the Eclipse environment. How do other people run it?

    I’m basically thinking I need to first checkout the latest stable tag/build of WPMU (which I’ve already done), and map the latest stable BuddyPress build to it using svn:externals. I will also be mapping my own repository of plugins and theme, though that’s not entirely relevant here. (Just a fun fact.)

    My question is: do I just continue to use MAMP *outside* the Eclipse environment and only use Eclipse as an SVN GUI? Or is there some way to actually build a run configuration for PHP that will serve up a localhost from *inside* Eclipse? What am I missing? What am I getting right?

    Also, double props if you can give me pointers on the best way to configure the svn:externals, since this kind of mapping is a first for me.


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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