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[Resolved] How to switch Keymaster role to another user

  • ademelo


    Hi, we purchased buddpress as part of the Woffice bundle.

    Wordpress: 4.8
    Buddypress: 2.9.2

    When first installed, we assigned a member to the role of Keymaster. However, that person has left the company and we would like to switch the keymaster role to another member. Unfortunately, we are having issues with buddpress on the back end cannot assign the second person the role then delete the first Keymaster user.

    Is there a simple way to switch the keymaster role over to another user? How would we go about it?

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  • @mercime


    @ademelo You mean BuddyPress was bundled as a premium package? As to the Keymaster role, that is controlled by the bbPress plugin (which might have been bundled as well).

    Normally to remove a person as Keymaster (with bbPress), you would go to wp-admin (backend) and click on the Users link on the left panel. Check the box beside the name of the user you would like to demote and then at the top of the table, on the second select box, change from Keymaster to Subscriber or whatever role you want. Same goes for the person you would like to promote, check the name of user in the table, then change to Keymaster in the second select box. By the way, you can have more than one Keymaster on bbPress forums.



    HI Mercime.

    Thanks for getting back. Unfortunately i found that there was no ability to select “Keymaster” role from the top left flydown as you mentioned.

    I did find a very easy fix though on another forum and when i tried it, it was simple and quick.

    Go to Plugins > bbpress > settings > change default for forums to Keymaster (save) > go back to users and assign anyone you want to be Keymaster. (save) [anyone who had a previous assigned role to forums retains that role. It didn’t change any prevously assigned roles for members]. > once assigned, go back to Plugins > bbpress > setting > reset your default for forums for members back to whatever it was.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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