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How to unify various icons on status textbox?

  • rosyteddy


    Since there is no protocol where the plugins will put their icons in and around the status message textarea box in Buddypress or maybe since these are not left to be dealt with any default buddypress theme, the icons ( stuffs you click on to get another form or input method) in and around the textbox atop profile and activity page becomes chaotic.

    These plugins are not fancy or personal needbased but very essential for any social net – like Privacy options, Location choice, Image upload etc. So its almost impossible to do without these for any new site which wants its users to be happy.

    I have attached a screenshot to show how these icons becomes messy and so very user-and-UI unfriendly. My question is, Is there any easy way or a plugin to get these things into order (like drag-drop or code snippet etc)


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  • Hugo Ashmore


    @rosyteddy you are showing custom elements, this is not bp default view for whats-new posting area, you will need to address styles if you want to get these additional aspects displaying nicely.

    BP its self cannot style for elements that might be added or for styles where it doesn’t know what the theme in use may add, third party plugins will probably add what they think are necessary styles to work with BP default aspects, some better than others – activity plus is a case in point that crudely shoves in it’s links and which are block level displayed so take up the full width of the area pushing anything else down to the next line. Privacy options probably should not be adding any visual style for things like colour but letting the elements inherit the themes colours.



    Thanks @hnla
    Yes these are custom elements. The blinking cursor going down in text-area happens due to bp checkins. The problem seems to be each plugin using its own rule/css/whatever when it comes to using this whats-new posting area – apparently codex has no protocol which plugins should adhere to. I am confused as to where to start to make things look less crazier!!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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