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How to use Twenty Seventeen Stylessheet

  • psnation


    How can I use the Twenty Seventeen style sheet with my current site? I am running Buddypress 2.8 with the Avada 5.0 theme. Avada does not style the Buddypress pages by default so I did my own custom CSS based off the default styles. I’ve notice the new Twenty Seventeen style sheet has responsive menus so I’d like to use that as my starting styles. How would I make Twenty Seventeen styles load as default?

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  • We load the styles in the BP functions file automatically when we detect that the 2017 theme is in use. By and large these companion styles are not necessarily stand-alone styles they are built to work in conjunction with the WP theme styles so how they would work with a custom theme is impossible to say as we have no knowledge of the themes parent styles or markup.

    If you wanted to try you would need to do something like enqueue the stylesheet in a child theme of your custom theme in the functions.php file or ask the themes authors how you might use the stylesheet with their theme.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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