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HTML & CSS question

  • danbpfr


    On the “group” page, we can see a group description for each group. The output is constructed with a list containing several div

    <div class="item-avatar">
    some other div's ....and the div containing the description:
    <div class="item-desc"><p>

    next group here

    This should be corrected, because a list doesn’t normally contain paragraphs, but anyway I want to retrieve the p tag, but i didn’t find it in the group-loop file or elsewhere.

    Any idea ? Thanks !

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  • Gianfranco


    Well, a list item can contain paragraphs. Lists are often used for structuring blocks of content, not only for bullet points lists.

    That said, if the p tag is not in the template file, than it is generated from some function. Which approach I don’t agree with. tags should be in tempalte files, so that one can change them or delete them as they like.

    When are self-generated from functions in core stuff, they just become a pain in the ass to deal with. You than have to do some CSS to change their attributes in order to let them to what you want to, or don’t let them do what they are supposed to.



    ithanks, i searched in the groups functions for group desc, but no one contains a p tag… in the DB there is also nothing…and template file is also without this p…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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