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  • This is a new site that I am putting together for a wow alliance guild site using the platformpro wp/buddypress theme. I also plan on integrating roster script/application too.

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  • Tammie Lister


    Love the backgrounds. Maybe also look at reflecting the site colours in the drop downs would be my suggestion.

    Right I am still working on skinning a few of the areas including the nav and then will continue adding content to the pages.

    Yay, Alliance! +1




    Nice site, still some bugs. But you’ll get there. :)



    Looking good,man… Other than the whole Alliance part! :)

    @alienjackhammer do you have your recruitment form posting directly to the forums or is the widget separate from the form

    Shhot the alliance thing… I know… I started playing alliance in closed beta all the way upto LK but now that cata is out I figured I would play a worgen.

    So the site is coming along pretty well. The menu has been fixed though I think I want to use different colors for the subnav. Id like to add the who is online and follow widgets to the enhanced members widget which will clean up the sidebar a bit. I am also still working on the buddypress look and feel. With having a few buddypress plugins the menu bar gets so convoluted so I decided to strech the bar the width of the main content which to me looks to have cleaned things up. I have also installed WoWRoster which I do plan on converting into a wp/buddypress plugin when I have time between work and playing wow. The roster is installed here

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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