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I can not install bbPress in BuddyPress

  • barrosogabriel


    hi all just installed BuddyPress but I can not install bbPress in BuddyPress.
    In order to integrate bbPress into my WordPress/BuddyPress site, I need to use the “Forum Setup” option under the BuddyPress panel in the WordPress admin area. When I attempted to use the option offered to me labeled “Use an existing bbPress installation” I am asked for the location of my bb-config.php file. When I put in the path, I get this message:

    “The bb-config.php file was not found at that location, please try again.”

    I have tried using the path from the root of my server with and without using the actual bb-config.php file name.

    I have tried using the absolute path using my domain name with and without the file name above and with and without the “.www” in the path.

    I cannot think of any more possible ways to direct my site to know where bb-config.php is located. I can see it on the server and can open it. Nothing I can see is out of place.

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  • @mercime


    Just to clarify, do you already have an external bbPress installation? Your external bbPress installation must use the same database as your BuddyPress installation otherwise this integration won’t work.

    If you do not have an external bbPress installation using same databse, then you should use the BP Forum Setup and create/install a new bbPress forum.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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