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I can’t run .php pages directly in my browser. E.g. returns a BP 404 page not f

  • Hi, I’m not sure what is causing this problem, either BP, WP or my web host.

    Basically, I need to access a .php file in my plugin directly in my browser, but for some reason all .php pages I call directly return the default 404 page not found error for BP.

    How do I get round this problem?

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  • Actually, here is the reason I need to solve this problem.

    I’m trying to use NextGEN Gallery, in the whole it’s working fine. But when I want to add a gallery to a post or page using the “Add NextGEN Gallery” button, the tinymce pop-up menu doesn’t load properly – I get the BP 404 error page loading inside the iframe of the pop-up menu instead.

    I tested this a little and found it was because the iframe URL was to a file called /window.php. I noticed that all .php files I try to load directly in the browser return the 404 error. (I tested, and got the BP 404 page not found error!)

    So, I need to stop the 404 BP message from showing and to allow the NextGEN window.php to load in the tinymce pop-up.

    Does anyone know how I can achieve this?




    Not sure what the problem is. Personally I don’t use TinyMCE. Try using the media buttons next to Upload/Insert. Those work just fine for BP and NextGEN Gallery.

    Thanks @Travel-Junkie, I didn’t realize I could do it that way – I’m new to NextGen. That’s perfect for inserting single images.

    But, it doesn’t give you the option of inserting whole galleries and slideshows, that’s what the “Add NextGen Gallery” button does, but it won’t load correctly for me. It should allow you to select a gallery and various other options before inserting the [nggallery id=X] code (or similar) for you.

    Like I said, it doesn’t want to load the pop-up correctly because the php file directly requested is blocked some how by WP/BP – all that loads after clicking on the button is the 404 page not found error page:


    I’ve hacked at the PHP file that is trying to be loaded and converted it into a html file. Now the pop-up loads correctly, but the lack of dynamicness means the galleries, albums and pictures aren’t loaded into the pop-up. Instead of being able to simply pick a option from a select menu, I’ve made a text field where you can input the gallery ID. It then inserts the code as normal.

    This really isn’t ideal, but it will do for now.

    Does anyone know how I can allow access to php page at:

    Thanks for your help

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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