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I hope someone helps me on this: buddypress Activity friends only

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  • drill_sgt.lewis


    There was a plugin at one time that resolved this issue but the developer removed it from the repo. From what I hear it is now a plugin you have to pay for. There is no one here that can help you on this issue. So if you want this feature then I suppose you will have to pay for it now. The web address I knew that this plugin existed was from some guy named shawn38 so get in touch with him but it may be hard to find now I think it was but I am not certain either.



    @raminjan I have a copy of the old plugin mentioned above, I can email you a copy if you like?



    I would never accept a plugin that has not been inspected from the WordPress repo. I can program a dog gone php key logger and unsuspecting people would be transferring all their info server side to me and they would not even realize what the hell happened. I would not do this, but you should be aware that it can be done. WordPress inspects plugins and anytime you use something provided by a third party you risk getting hacked and bitch slapped. Its just an all round bad idea! My point is you do not know what code may have been added to this plugin to make it malicious. If you knew how to code then you would not be here asking for plugins. You would be making your own instead so it is a safe assumption that you do not know how to read php scripts or know any programming. I would never take a plugin from a person you do not know or trust.



    your right drill_sgt.lewis I don’t know much about php but I am good with html css a little about java and c++ but I need a partner with php for my project. and thanks for your advise I didn’t realize the hack part I mean why the hell should someone provide their work for free. but also is there a way to check my site I mean the wordpress and buddypress installation to check for hackers?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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