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I Wanna Poke Somebody!

  • thealchemist


    Bad joke. Was thinking it would be great to create a “poke” “wink” “tease” “kiss” “hug” whatever we want to call it button on profiles … see someone’s profile you like and “poke’em” … sends a brief message to the recipient “You’ve been poked by ….” and, of course, the ability to name it what ever we want.

    I attempted a search but got pages of spamusers shilling poker.

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  • @mercime


    @thealchemist does that include a counter with “You’ve been poked 20 times, teased 23 times, kissed 100 times and the like? :-)



    I thought the BP skeleton plugin was just that. The plugin is a template for doing “High Fives” but I don’t know if that plugin is up-to-date, seems like i read somewhere it was bunk.



    It would be great to have a counter, too.



    nahummadrid has the right idea.

    The skeleton component is a plugin example to send a user a “high-five” to another user:

    It might not work, but give it a shot.



    Doesn’t do a thing. Create a menu item “Example Admin” with two fields “Option One” and “Option Two” and a “Save Settings” button … that’s it. An instruction link goes to a dead page.

    I’m looking for this functionality as well.

    @thealchemist it does work. The admin /dashboard settings can be ignored – it adds a menu link (“Example”) to the member’s page where you can send the High Five to another member.

    I’m not a coder, but I will look into the example and try to adapt it.

    There seems to be one error with the notifications though (says: bp-example-core.php on line 645).

    Still no poke-plugin for BP?

    I haven’t seen anything for it yet, but people are telling me they would like it implemented so I’ll probably build functionality for it in a week or two. I’ll build it as a plugin and let people know when it’s done.

    That’s a great idea. I’ll be listeing closely to this thread if you create it dcatkins40
    I had the idea ages ago for something like this, and extending it so:

    user could:
    Do positive or negative actions to a friend (ie: Poke Fred / Hi5 Fred)
    Freds’ mood who got (poked, or liked) responded with a plus or minus mood (ie, Fred is sad because Bob poked him)
    Bobs “Karma” rating goes plus or minus depending on the action (Bob’s turned evil)
    Have a time limit in which to retaliate, if you retailiate within 5 minutes you can ‘pwn” the user bigtime
    I was going to build this into a avatar builder but never got past the concept stage due to other ideas.

    Ok, so my idea is way over the top for this poke idea, but may spark some interest maybe.

    Micheal Kennedy


    @dcatkins40 Keep us posted! :)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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