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I want to use BP BUT is there a plugin for this use?

  • jjjaay9


    Hi there,

    I’ve known about BP for years, but never got around to using it for my sites.

    I understand that with BP, users can create their own posts right?
    When they create posts is it just like a normal WP post? ie. they will see the same screen as an admin does for creating a post.

    Well I’m looking for a simpler way for them to post things.
    And maybe ‘short posts’ BUT still have the ability to add tags.

    Is there a plugin that makes it easier for them to ‘post’ things?
    All they need is:
    – heading
    – body of the message
    – tags

    BUT these tags need to be searchable in the site,
    (can you search multiple tags at once)

    If a user posts
    Heading: Computer
    Body: Selling my pc, etc. etc.
    Tags: computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse

    and a user is able to search multiple tags – eg.
    keyboard, mouse

    I want this post to come up in the search

    Is this possible and fairly easy to do with BP?

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  • jjjaay9


    i found some plugins that MAY do this: answer/questions

    The Top 6 Question and Answer WordPress Plugins

    However, if I used these plugins, how easy do they integrate with buddypress?
    Can I customize to show these pages, and for users to have a default link to ‘create a question’ ?

    I mean, if they have ‘create post’ like a normal wordpress blog, then buying/using a question/answer plugin is kinda useless as most wont be able to find the link to it – and will automatically create a post instead.
    Also, how would i know if it looks good or this plugin will integrate with BP?

    For example, would it show up as a sidebar saying recent questions like recent posts etc?

    Otherwise if it doesn’t integrate with BP then there’s no point using BP if it has a question and answer section that acts normally as wordpress anyway.

    If so, what are teh benefits of using BP AND a question/answer plugin?
    one eg i think of is, users can private message eachotehr when someone posts a question




    hi @jjjaay9,

    BuddyPress (BP) is a community plugin (a bundle of 8 distinct components and many other features) for WordPress. These components are all optionnal, but in any case, publishing is the territory of WordPress.
    If you want to allow front-end publishing for your users, to avoid them going directly into the admin, search some plugin on the WP plugin repo or use a theme who provide such facility.

    For example consider the theme P2, it probably contains anything you listed. (so far i remember)

    User guide is here.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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