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IE 8 Avatar upload Issue

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  • @mercime


    @luk-gaming First, do provide a throw-away username and password to your site as you are asking for support here.

    Just tested uploading and cropping an avatar with IE8 in my test installation. The upload and crop work just fine.

    To troubleshoot, deactivate plugins except BuddyPress and BP Template Pack plugin then check if issue is resolved. If that doesn’t solve it, deactivate BP Template Pack plugin and change theme to bp-default theme then check if issue is resolved. .

    There is a IE 8 bug (IE 7 & 9 not effected) that effects items with max-width and max-height. If you set max-width or max-height without setting the width or height the box will collapse.

    Try setting that element to…


    Sorry, I wasn’t aware that I should give a dummy username and password, here’s one:

    Username: test
    password: buddytest

    As for deactivating my plugins, I tried that, nothing changed.

    Thanks FIQ, I will try your suggestion.

    Seems to be working now in ie 8.

    I see you are using a plugin to block users with ie 7 or older. One thing you should consider is most people using those versions are at work/school or other places where updating/switching are not possible. Unless it completely breaks you site you may want to let them use a less than perfect version apposed to blocking them. Just a thought. ;)

    Great thanks alot for your help FIQ!

    P.S I understand about the IE7, it’s not that I won’t fix it, I will, however the site is just been finished and I’ll be attempting to fix IE7 soon, most of it is not unfixable, it will just take some time ;) so for the moment, I’m putting the browser blocker in place.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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