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IIS6 and Registering Users via BuddyPress

  • I have installed WordPress and BuddyPress (3.04 and 1.2.7).

    I have implemented the url mode rewrite workaround for IIS 6 as explained in and

    Following this step, I have a working installation of WordPress. I can navigate to all pages and the site works without error. Similarly, all BuddyPress pages and all sites load without error.

    However, on the registration page ([]/register) when a user completes the sign-in details and selects ‘Complete Sign Up’ they are immediately redirected to the same page with the form cleared. The page, however, fails to complete loading and hangs indefinitely.

    Has anyone experienced similar behaviour and, more importantly, got a solution? I am running a very vanilla installation (default buddypress theme with no plugins other than buddypress). The abnormality I suspect is that I am running it on a Windows Server running IIS6.

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  • pixeljuggler2011


    @matt.ginty Did you manage to resolve this? Sounds like I am having the same issue. Would be good to know how to navigate this one.



    I am having the same issue users can register to get the e-mail with the link with the key and it gives this results

    Activate your Account
    Please provide a valid activation key.

    Activation Key:

    I have checked your dummy site and everything works perfectly when you click on the link this on the activation e-mail is supposed to go to right to the page saying a all set please help




    I’m having the same issue as well. Not sure when it appeared though.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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