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I’m confused about template packs

  • Norman Cates


    In Buddypress>Settings>Options

    there’s a setting called template Pack.

    With a drop down with only one item in it. Buddypress Legacy.

    This strongly implies that there are other template packs available. But I can’t find anything in the docs or online about it.

    I’d like to have some other formatting options if possible since the template pack that comes with Buddypress is pretty unfriendly in terms of layout and so on.


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  • Venutius


    I the next release or so the BuddyPress team are planning to launch a new bp theme – nouveau –

    Norman Cates


    OK, thanks.

    So am I misunderstanding what a template pack is?

    I had thought it was a way of displaying BP information inside other templates, assuming they don’t override the BP formatting.

    So there is only one way at the moment by default?

    It’s really hard to find free templates for BP. Are there any recommended ones that look nice and are responsive?

    Looking at there is a screen shot of a nicely laid out profile screen that is a lot more attractive than the default one.

    Does anyone know what that template is and if it’s generally available?




    @normancates that screenshot it not BuddyPress theme specific, it’s regular WordPress Profile screenshot.
    Bp-nouveau will be part of BuddyPress template files after BP-3.0 updates.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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