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I’m no longer super admin. What happened?

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  • Kevin


    Anyone? I desperately need to fix this and can’t figure out how.

    but you are only ever displayed as ‘Admin’, you don’t show as ‘Super Admin’ that is just a menu item or category that all admins should see, or so I thought? have you actually lost the dashboard menu headed ‘Super Admin’?

    Ought to also point out that this forum is really for BuddyPress specific issues, you might be better asking this at the WP forums or sticking with the thread in that post.



    It’s weird. My site is wordpress 3.0, buddypress 1.2.4 and I wpmu enabled it. So I had a super admin menu which is now gone. I can’t upload or search for plugins any more. All I can do is activate and deactivate them. The site is still definitely running with wpmu though because buddypress is not listed in the plugins. It’s a network pluging but I can’t see and have no access to my network plugins.

    I set up WP 3.0 and the latest BP ( I think), and then tried plugins which turned out only to show on some UberAdmin menu that I’ve never seen and can’t get to display.

    WP and BP are easy to install, but sure as hell NOT easy to build sites with.

    Oh, and @hnla; the problem is that neither here nor there are providing definitive answers much of the time when it involves overlapping issues, eg., Is it WP, or is it BP? Who knows? The smart ones who code it all do, but most of us are struggling to work with kitchen-sink design.



    @kevbow, this does deal with WP/MU/MS user capabilities. (backup database before trying anything below)

    1 login your phpMyAdmin, select database and click to browse your xxx_users table (xxx=prefix used); check if there is “1” under ID column for the site/super admin

    2 a. if there is, then go to xxxx_usermeta table; check under user_id column with “1” and see if it’s something like – if wpmu
    xxx_1_capabilities is a:2:{s:13:”Administrator”;b:1;s:13:”administrator”..
    user_login – value = admin

    2b. If there is, also go to xxx_sitemeta table; check under site_admin “1” column and see if in row
    your admin_email = is correct
    admin_user_id = 1
    site_admins = a:1:{i:0;s:7:”yourusername”;}
    … and if not, then click on pencil icon and correct this then click on “Go” link

    2c If there’s none, recreate by running SQL query
    INSERT INTO ‘wp_usermeta'(‘umeta_id’,’user_id’,’meta_key’,’meta_value’) VALUES
    (1, 1, ‘nickname’, ‘admin’),
    (2, 1, ‘rich_editing’, ‘true’),
    (3, 1, ‘admin_color’, ‘fresh’),
    (4, 1, ‘wp_capabilities’, ‘a:1:{s:13:”administrator”;b:1;}’),
    (5, 1, ‘wp_user_level’, ’10’);



    What you attempted does not touch the database at all, so it should not be related to your access as a super admin.

    I have modified the post to allow GET parameter to go through the login page so now all parameters should be getting through.

    Did you try reseting your database?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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