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[Resolved] Image replacement with local avatar

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    When user without gravatar registeres, WordPress assigns default image to that profile. That works fine. But, when I go to WP User settings and replace default WP user profile image with a photo, it updates it in WP admin, but BuddyPress still shows old default “gray face” avatar. You can see it here: – on the right under user “Carlos Burletwa” – it is still showing old default avatar even though I changed it in WP admin to real photo of that person. I am using plugin called Simple Local Avatars:

    Why is BuddyPress not updating avatar of user after it was changed in the WP Admin User section?

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    check your avatar settings on WP first. By default it should be Mystery Man ( i would recommend to let this setting as is). If you activate Gravatar, your site will bind with Gravatar first. User that have no Gravatar account will then have a Mystery Man avatar instead.

    This is pureWP admin stuff.

    BP handles avatars on a member basis in a slightly different manner. Each user can change/upload his avatar from within his profile.

    You’re using Salutation, a third party theme which is IMO complicated to use with BP, because it is a bit away from the WP theme standards.

    You also use an old avatar plugin, which wasn’t updated since sept. 2011. So if you use WP 3.5.1 and BP 1.6.5 or 1.7, i doubt that this plugin will work correctly.

    Let me suggest you this one:

    It’s not Mystery Man, it’s not Gravatar, but it handles your own avatar pictures or let your user free to choose there personnal one. And the plugin is working with Salutation and with BP 1.7 too.






    @Chouf1 amazing insight. Thank you. I may have to get rid of Salutation theme – each time I ask them for most basic stuff on how their theme works with BuddyPress, they refer me to BuddyPress support. And their entire sales pitch is based on their theme being BuddyPRess and bbPress compatible. Just on that sales pitch, they sold over 4,400 themes as you can se here:

    Thanks again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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