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Import users from Mingle to Buddypress?

  • I’m considering switching from my current installation of Mingle to Buddypress, as my users and I are finding Mingle is not as intuitive as we’d like. I know Mingle uses WordPress’s user registration and management system and I believe Buddypress does the same, so would it be possible to make the switch without my users having to re-register? Also, if I have issues with Buddypress and need to switch back (as Mingle is functional right now, if not a little awkward), would that be possible? Not sure if anyone knows, but this seemed the best place to ask. :)

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  • @mercime


    @calico_owl either you hire a developer to migrate this for you or better yet, do it yourself.

    As always, back up database plus server folders so you can always revert to your old installation if migration doesn’t work out. Then again, you can always set up separate installation and import database (changing URI’s first) from your existing installation and test it first.

    Note that users will have to log in once after BP is activated to show up in the Members Directory page.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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