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Import/Export of all BuddyPress user data (important)

  • Hope


    Hi guys,

    I know that “importing/exporting buddypress user data” is set to be a future feature for buddypress but does anybody know a plugin or a tool or anything to do such a thing for now?

    I want to import the students’ info of my university into buddypress so they can have accounts instantly.. how can I import buddypress profile data?

    Any help? Thanks…

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  • @mercime


    There’s this plugin by @modemlooper but has warning not to use on live site, i.e., for testing environment only

    However ‘export’ is not the same as ‘import’

    Importing data not the easiest thing to do, you need a script that reads the format of the data to be imported and then knows how to transpose the data to fields that make sense to another DB and table.

    As far as I’m aware there’s no general purpose script to do this, as generally they need to be custom written, I wrote one to read data from one table format to WP user fields but it was unique for the circumstances and wouldn’t work generally.

    If this were a Ning site? you had the data inĀ  I think Boone wrote a conversion script but not sure what happened to it .



    Boone’s plugin is outdated, I’m creating a base import export for BP and creating a conversion script for Ning to convert ning files. The plugin on github is in flux as it get’s developed. You can use it on a test site. You will only be able to import if there is a proper script to convert files. If a site is not a major inline service no script will be available unless you code it yourself.



    Thank you guys for your quick responses…
    Actually it’s not a Ning site, It’s a student information system & I want to export its users (who are students) in a format that could be imported into buddypress; so I can create them accounts with the specified fields that i already defined in Buddypress (program, term , year, etc..)

    I installed BuddyExport on my test site, there’s Buddypress Import option but not accomplished yet as appears (nothing appears when clicking on it) or I missed something?



    @modemlooper re BE – Nice start.

    Recently created a custom import script – wasn’t too hard, but I had full control over the import format.

    Will BE remain public or move to being a taptap product ?



    no, it will be opened for the community to use and develop



    hope, it’s not finished.



    Hi Hope,

    I have a similar problem to solve. I’m importing over 1000 users and need a script to do this. Message me on Skype if you’d like to work together to save time and money to find a solution to this problem

    Skype: misra.amit
    Gchat: misra.amit

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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