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importing from phpBB

  • andrew55


    I’m happy to be new to this community. I’ve been using phpBB for forums for years, and recently decided to migrate over to bbPress.

    I have a medium sized phpBB forum with thousands of topics, so I need to preserve the users and topics.

    My setup is a bit strange though – I am using aMember, and this membership program creates an integration between WordPress and phpBB. The result is the same users exist in phpBB as in WordPress.

    So, when I attempted to import users and topics from phpBB into bbPress (using import tool that came with bbPress), the forums and topics did import but the users all had “imported_” before their user names. My guess is this was an attempt to prevent duplicate users.

    Is there a method to import my forums and topics from phpBB into bbPress, and have the authors of topics and replies synced to the already existing users in WordPress? Thanks for any suggestions.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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