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Improvement/Enhancement to Groups

  • Tony Stark



    After a little testing and proof of concept with BuddyPress groups I feel they could benfit with the following improvements (correct me if I am wrong and they already do this!)

    1. Allow a setting which ensures only Admin user of Buddy Press can create groups. At present it seems you can turn Group Creation off but this seems to disable visibility of groups for all users regardless if there are any groups existing. There are cases when you want global control of groups not allow anyone to create them.

    2. If you are the creator and only member of the group you cannot remove yourself – agreed why would you – but when you do it caused a blank screen hiding I presume an error.

    Keep up the good work! I am off to test somemore ;-)!


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  • cratercraver


    I too would like the ability for myself as an admin to define a fixed set of groups for the site, to eliminate the possibility of groups-proliferation by users.

    Is it possible to somehow “lock” the set of groups?



    I think this is on the roadmap. Wait for future releases.

    If there’s no feature enhancement, then I’d suggest you to create one on BUT I think Andy is aware of this from past discussions.



    That’s great to hear. Having a predefined set of groups will be a major benefit, and I would think that turning off a feature (namely, a non-admin user’s ability to create a group) should be a lot easier than adding a feature.



    hey guys please help me figure this post out :(

    i think its got to do with what we are talking about above

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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