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Include multiple people on a profile page

  • roseannec


    This is hopefully an easy question. I am currently researching membership plugins and one that I have found – memberpress integrates with BuddyPress to allow me to show profile pages on our website (which is not live yet). In our case, each member is actually a small business and on the profile page we will want to list one (at least) to multiple (never more than 5 I would think) people. Each person will have a photo, contact details and some other details about their role. Is this possible to do with BuddyPress and if not would it be possible for me as a developer to modify code and the database to enable this?

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  • Venutius


    Might be easier to create each organisation as a group, that way you could use group member functions to create a page to display them. The issue with a profile page is that it’s geared towards a single user_id, you’d have to create custom functions to tie that user to other user_id’s and then create a custom page t display those users. So by using groups you are working with functions already set up to deal with a collection of people.

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