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Incorrect all member number count

  • Jrzwv


    Please i need help, all member count on my website is showing 3 instead of 1. i am the only registered member. i have checked my database to see that i am the only one registered. i have deactivated all plugins and changed my theme to Twenty Fifteen but still showing the wrong number. Please i need help i am going crazy here

    wordpress version: 4.3.1–en_GB
    buddypress version: 2.4.0

    link to my site

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  • knowitallnz


    Hi Jrzvw,

    Were you able to fix this?

    I can’t find where to start a new questions so i will just add to this one?

    My current site only shows the members that were active. There is 50 WP members registered but only 22 showing on ALL MEMBERS page. I feel the amount of members showing will influence the amount that will join up. SO this one time I would like to have it show all registered members and after it can just add them as they are active.

    I tried : add_filter( ‘bp_get_total_member_count’, ‘bp_core_get_total_member_count’ ); in the theme function.php and also bp-custom.php BUT it did nothing.

    I tried a few other suggestions e.g one that did make the last activity of all users registered to be a certain time, however this made all the Members look as they are logged in. Is there any code I can insert in function.php that will show the members registered and not just the active ones?


    Link to my test site:

    BP 2.6.11
    WP 4.5.3



    Have you tried wp-admin/tools/buddypress then “re-count member totals”?



    Thanks for the reply, yes I have but it didn’t change anything.

    Apparently BP only shows active users. So they have to at least log in ones before they show up on the member page. but due to the reason of needing more members to show to get more members to sign up at least this one time I want the registered ones showing.

    How can I just add one activity action or log to the registered users that have not logged in yet so they are counted.

    I changed the activation link so that it logs the new users in when they click on it, hence they will all show up immidiately after activation. BU the users before yesterday is still in limbo in the WP even after activation because they haven’t actually started being active and logged in. I get it, they will show up eventually, but I there is people coming to the site..only seeing 22 members then decide not to sign up. Sorry for the long essay lol



    I’ve never done this but you’re going to have to modify your database either completely manually or write some PHP to do this.

    You’ll be looking in both the wp_signups table and also the wp_users.

    I’m not sure if they are both relevant but if you look at your users and the current situation you should be able to figure it out.

    Be careful though, take a DB dump if you’re not sure what you’re doing.



    Thanks Buddycore I will see what I can do. Im weary of going into the database but I have a test site so its good for

    I have seen a lot of other similar posts askin about this issue, but no one really has a fix.

    Thanks anyway. I will try a few things and will repost if I get it sorted…

    Prashant Singh


    BuddyPress only shows members in members list when they log in once otherwise if they are registered but haven’t logged in yet then they will not be listed on the member directory page.




    Actually, this behavior seems buggy to me – I tested by adding an account for a colleague, and then logging in for the first time in his account.

    his profile never showed up in the all members directory. I was only able to get him to display by manually adding a row with his user_id to the “_bp_activity” table.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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