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Indexation of content

  • Jean-Pierre Michaud


    on the default BP, if we use the search field in the widgets, we get only what we can see in the BP host blog *(blog_ID=1)… we have wpmudev’s post indexer, but that’s not a good way to go, it cause dB loops… we need something integrated.

    i know it is more related to WPMU than BP, but i want to focus this on the groups, activity and friends as well.

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  • idotter


    I think sitewide tags (also activities) would be great …

    e.g. pointing on tag “wordpress” i see every blogpost tagged with “wordpress”, every user, that have the tag “wordpress” on its profile, every activity and every forumpost tagged with “wordpress”.




    I’d love some form of sitewide blog search as well, but I know this isn’t really within the realm of BP.

    Jean-Pierre Michaud


    it is not the goal of BP, but in its realm, yes… because WPMU itself is not goaled to shared among blogs, when BP is… to create a community is to share.



    Index and search are important related issues. A few points:

    1) Database content search throughout needs serious thinking. How to include (and how to distinguish in results) blogposts, comments, activity updates, forums…

    2) Indexing for search engines needs thought. What serious website doesn’t want to show up in Google?

    3) A Google custom search is an option but shows up the problems of appearing in Google results; namely that scrolling activity lists result in indexes pointing to pages that no longer hold that content.

    @nexia I see that at there is “search blogs” so MU can and does somehow allow for this.



    I am fairlly certain this will be a non-issue by the time 3.0 is out.



    I am fairlly certain this will be a non-issue by the time 3.0 is out.

    How so?

    Can anyone report back on indexing of BP content in Google? I’m particularly interested in whether Forum posts are indexed adequately?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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