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Individual blogs for each member

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    Hi, newbie here. Unfortuately growing frustrated with buddypress.

    I’ve been reading on the forums for how to give each of my members a blog but can’t seem to find a solution that works.

    Can I get a step by step run down of how to give each of my members a blog? Basically you can assume that I just installed WordPress 3.5.1, then installed Buddypress 1.6.4, then installed Frisco theme on top of that.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • you need to enable your wordpress as a multisite network:

    and that’s it.


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    but can’t seem to find a solution that works.

    How about actually saying what solutions you have tried rather than letting us guess? It helps if you provide a little background info.

    As Ubernaut says enable MS and each of your members can have a full WP blog on either a subdomain or on a url such as /user/my-blog/

    If that is not what you meant then what exactly do you want blogging from ront end, from user profiles? There are plugins around that attempt to bring a little blogging capability to the front end for users but not sure how well they work.

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    Note: Deactivate BuddyPress and create a network as posted above. Make sure that your multisite/network is working before activating BuddyPress.

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    Thanks for all your help. I had read somewhere that MU was disabled with WordPress 3.0, but now realize I think I confused MU with Multisite.(?)

    I’m still not totally happy with what I’ve got after installing multisite (I had to reinstall wordpress since the installation had been there more than a month), and now instead of a blog for each individual user, I have a site.

    I just want each user to have his own blog, not his own site. I want him to be able to register, and immediately begin posting. I’m afraid that ‘sites’ might scare them off, especially if they have to create their own site.
    So the question is: Is there an easy way to get rid of ‘sites’ and just let members make their own posts?

    yeah you can switch the new user role to author rather then subscriber in the general settings.

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    Thanks for the advice on switching new user roles, but there’s no place to do that in the settings->General

    See Screenshot here:

    From what I can tell, it should appear before ‘Timezone’

    Also, I added the BuddyBlog plugin, but it’s not very robust. There’s no TinyMCE, or anything to format text, and the tags and categories for the post don’t display correctly. In principle, BuddyBlog does what I want, but in reality, I need more functionality from it.

    Ideally, I would have the functionality of BuddyBlog, with the full feature set from TinyMCE.

    I may be asking too much?

    well if you have already enabled multisite i don’t think that option will show up so you may need to backtrack a bit. i hope my misread of your desire hasn’t caused any inconvenience.

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    @ubernaut – What do you mean by backtrack? I don’t mind starting over if it will solve my problem….

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    Ben Hansen (ubernaut)


    yeah well I’m not sure if you can regress a multisite back to single site (maybe you don’t actually have to) but if you don’t want that functionality and you are still in development it might be good to start over yes. it sounds like what you actually want is simply a single wp install with new users default roles set to author or contributor (depending on wether you want the people to post unapproved).

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    Hi gt4877c,
    have you resolve your problem?


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    Please don’t jump into old threads.
    Open yor own and give details about YOUR issue.

    Closing this topic as initial question was answered multiple times.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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