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Infinite Load – Won’t Accept Friend Request

  • makyn


    Using Healthcheck, and Twenty-Seventeen Theme:
    With Buddypress enabled, I can accept friend requests that have been sent.

    When WooCommerce is enabled, cannot accept friend requests. Is happening on various browsers, Safari & Chrome.

    See Screenshots:
    (Nonce? This is the string at bottom in Chrome during infinite spin)
    Shows friend request accepted – with only BuddyPress & Theme activated, when WooCommerce is activated, infinite load when try to accept the friend request.

    If WooCommerce is activated, regardless of theme (ReHub or Twenty-Seventeen) cannot a

    BuddyPress: 4.1.0
    Wordpress: 4.9.9
    WooCommerce: 3.5.3

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  • Venutius


    You need to rasie this with the WooCommerce team as it is that plugin that is causing the error.



    I agree. That was my initial reaction.

    This was the response I received.



    Sounds like they have given you the brush off, clearly if it’s WooCommerce that is stopping another plugin from working then the onus is on them to fix it. If it was the other way round, BuddyPress was stopping a WooCommerce feature to stop working, then we’d need to look at it.



    Thank you for your response. I will contact them and inquire again.



    I cannot duplicate your issue re friendships and woocommerce.

    Just to be sure re theme issues, try switching momentarily to a WP theme like 2016.

    Also try deactivating other plugins and check the issue after each one.

    My guess – javascript > ajax is in a loop.
    So make sure to turn off any settings ( cache plugin ? ) that minifys javascript.



    Thanks all!

    Update: So I may have been a bit hasty. WooCommerce kindly did a test, and like @shanebp was also unable to replicate the results of the issue with friend requests not accepting.

    Despite infinite load I was experiencing, I could right click the “accept” or “refuse” button with a friend request, & copy the URL that indicated the nonce and open it in a new tab and then it would accept/refuse the friend request.

    After scouring for hours and hours through different *old* threads regarding similar issues I did discover a few individuals that seemed to have the same issue, but there was no resolution presented. I figured that there were several people, then (at that time) having the issue, and if it’s just me having the issue now – perhaps, it was something wrong with my copy of BuddyPress…

    So, I finally decided to delete my installation of Buddypress directly through sFTP and reinstall a clean copy of it from directly back to the sFTP. I guess that was the solution.

    I am still unsure what the issue was, or why it was (at least on my installation) causing this error.

    However, I am now pleased to report that the issue is resolved and that I am able to accept friend requests.

    Thus it merely appeared that it was WooCommerce because this was the plugin that seemed to trigger the infinite load when I was doing disable plugin testing to see where conflict appeared.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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