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Insert BuddyPress custom profile field to Sensei Certificate

  • cspiliakos


    This is a cross-post with this one here:

    Short story: I was handed over a migration from Joomla! 2.5 to WordPress, which has Community Builder, User Groups, and certificate generation on the fly for a member site (apparently joomla with cb can do that). I’m planning to use Sensei in order to generate the certificates, as it’s just a template with the user’s full name, registration ID (different from the WP UserID), and signup date.

    Users have been migrated using FG Joomla to WordPress with the CB add-on, and so have their CB profiles.

    Are you aware if it’s at all possible and/or how to show those fields over to Sensei Certificates? If not, any other suggestion on how to generate such a certificate on the fly? (need multiple certificates that will have to go through courses


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