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install Bodypressa on WP3

  • Kris


    When I have installed Bodypressa on WP3 showed message “You are not have permission to install plug-ins”. In addition, after logging in, does not load the administrative side. How can I handle this? He met anyone with such symptoms?

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  • For the message, are you logged in as a site admin user?

    If by “does not load the administrative side”, you mean you are getting a white page when trying to go to wp-admin, rename your wp-content/plugins/ folder to something else, then go to wp-admin. Then rename your plugins folder back; you’ll have to reactivate the plugins.



    Every time when I activate bodyprss situation is repeated.



    Hi Paul,

    Your suggestion lets me login, but when I am in the dashboard, I get the same
    message about Buddypress being deactivated due to missing file.

    When I try to Network Active, there is a “too long” delay, then I see this link in
    the address bar:”

    I realized too, that the site is not allowing new registrants. I just get a white page when
    I try to register.

    Ugh!! And I have 10,000 members on my site!



    Hi all

    Same problem here :-(

    @paul following your suggestion i can login but after changing back the name of plugin´s folder and try to activate BP I get the same permissions erros spotted above

    I´ve tried with a WP 3 fresh install with multisite off and then on but the results are the same.

    Any issue with the last version of BP and WP 3?
    Any clue will very appreciated

    thank you all

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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