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Installation on Multisite

  • andaluzo



    as I am not sure what will be the right procedure and could not find it in the documentation, I like to ask about:

    How to install Buddypress on Multisite.

    Our Network is Multilanguage orientated and we will have several subdirectories


    Where we will have in each subdirectory a Forum in the specific language.

    and so on

    So question is how to install Buddypress in such an environment.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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  • danbpfr



    forget languages in a first time and set up your WP to a network.

    Then install BP with group forums activated
    Then create a group for each language you want

    This is the most simple solution i guess. The’re probably others. 😉

    Tim Hyde


    We have just set up a multisite with BuddyPress and have each sub-site as the different languages. At present we just have French and English but the there will be more to come. (See it in action at

    Enable WordPress in network directory mode. You will create a site for each language required. In the settings for each site you can choose a language.

    For BuddyPress to work in this environment, you need to add the following line to wp-config:

    define( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true);

    This makes the same single BuddyPress run across the whole wordpress network.

    We also used Multilingual press ( to help with the switching between languages and for syncing translated content.

    The Codestyling Localization plugin is also very useful for translating plugins, themes and core components into target languages (

    Of course BuddyPress user generated content will always be in the language they input in. So as pointed out above, you may wish to set up groups/forums that are targeted to specifc languages.




    thanks a lot.

    We already installed the WP Multisite and we are working with Multisite language switcher.

    So far everything is working fine.

    I just wonder if I do the installation process for Buddypress

    ‘BuddyPress was successfully activated! Please run the installation wizard.’

    For each individual site or network wide, just don´t want to srew it 🙂

    Thanks for your input !



    Hi andaluzo…

    Got it working?

    Please allow me to ask..
    I would to accomplish this:

    We need Buddypress to share user account data between few subdomains.

    My setup would be:

    What I need is:
    -One wp multisite installation
    -Same user database / accounts, so user can access al subdomains with one account
    -Other buddypress language for each subdomain

    That’s exact.y what you are building, right?

    Any help to get me started would be highly appreciated!
    Can you please tell me which steps to take in which order?

    Thanks a bunch..



    Hi Tim and Quokka
    I have installed a wordpress multisite in french with buddypress in french
    I have created 3 blogs for each language : english, spanish and italien
    I have one database of users and they access to all subdomains of the site and
    I would like to have my buddypress pages (regitration, members, activity,….) translate in each languages I have…
    Is it possible ??
    Can you help me ??
    Thank you

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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