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installed – what next

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  • Tammie Lister


    When you installed did you save the settings on the BuddyPress page – so that you link pages to sections in BuddyPress?

    In the case of a blank page if the above isn’t true you would be best checking your hosting logs as a white page can mean an error that would show up in those. Another method you can try is removing plugins and going to the default BuddyPress theme (keep BuddyPress as a plugin though). This way you can get things working with BuddyPress then add to that once it’s up and running.



    I went to install Forum for Groups. I ticked Use Existing Installation but instead of going to the next screen titled new bb installation, it stayed on the same screen with the only option of Uninstalling Group Forums.

    It does not give the screen where you put the location of the bb-config.php file.
    Can you help?



    Just to re-iterate what @karmatosed is asking: you need to assign a wordpress page to the forums:

    If that’s done, and you have FTP access to your site, you could check to see if the bb-config.php file has been created: it should be sitting at the root of your site (not inside a folder like wp-content). There is a link in this forum post to the bb-config file if you need to manually add it:



    Yes, I have assigned a page to forums, and the bb-config.php file was on the site root directory and not in a folder
    What is next as the forum page is still blank?



    Why does bp have
    1 discussion forum page
    2 forum page
    3 group page
    All pages are blank

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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