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Installing BP on a subdomain protected by amember ‘404 Error’

  • phil


    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am asking for some help. I have done some research but can not solve an issue I have with my BP installation.

    Here is my situation:

    WP 3.0.1 installed on a subdomain (
    BP plugin installed and activated on a subdomain
    BP compatibility plugin to make my current theme BP compatible
    I am using software called ‘amember’ to lock the members folder on my root directory and make it available to members only, I had to create a custom .htaccess file to support amember

    I have the BP menu on the top of my site now and it looks fine. I can not click through to any blog pages without getting a 404 error.

    I have tried to reconfigure the htaccess file based on discussion in other threads with no success.

    Can anyone provide help? Thank you.

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