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Installing BuddyPress on the Sterling Theme

  • JimmyGibbs


    Hello. I use the Sterling Theme (Themeforest paid theme) in my WordPress site and I would like to install BuddyPress to work with it, I’m currently in Step Three of BP Compatibility and I don’t know how to proceed, this is how it looks right now:
    As you can see everything is out of place, let me know if you can help, thanks πŸ™‚

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  • @mercime


    Initial scan shows that you only need to create two/three files for alignment and compatibility.

    Have you checked the BP documentation yet?


    Have you a basic degree of HTML/PHP knowledge, you will need a basic level to be bale to copy/paste the markup structure of BP template files to match the themes structure which is what step three is about and I’m afraid is a manual process.


    If you can’t manage the adjustment of the files it may be better to wait for BP 1.7 to drop as that will work with any theme.



    Hey! Thanks for the reply! It would be awesome if you could help a bit with this as I don’t have much experience with WordPress theme files, could you please let me know what files I should create and what to write inside? Thank you so much!

    Beaten to it by Mercime πŸ™‚ Please have a stab at the process though if it’s only a few files then it oughtn’t to be too difficult.


    Before Mercime does do this for you, have you read through the link I provided? Wanting to diverge from the BP theme while not child themeing it, but attempting to shoehorn BP into a third party theme is really something the user takes upon themselves to at least make a stab at.



    Hey, yes I read it, it’s the same instructions that are on the BP Compatibility, what I don’t understand is: what new files should I create and where to put them, and, what to paste inside them, thanks for all your help!

    Well if mercime has said it’s likely only three files need modding then it’s perhaps Step 3 b.


    In other words header.php, sidebar.php, footer.php copied from the bp examples and renamed to header-buddypress.php etc then you can edit those files to match your themes html structure, i.e comparing the themes header.php fileΒ  to the bp version and ensuring the BP version matches the themes.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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