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Integrate Eventpress with Suffusion-Theme

  • zeitweise


    I have been trying to set up Eventpress with the suffusion theme. While I find suffusion quite impressive, Eventpress does not integrate at the moment.
    As you can see on the events’ page ( the list of events is displayed pretty much “raw”, pushing the widgets on the right side down.
    I would like to see it the way the list of members is displayed:

    At the moment I have the whole Eventpress package moved into the plugin folder. Do the theme files that are contained in that package need to be put in a different place?

    Or what would be the best approach to get a consistent look?

    Any hint is appreciated!

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  • kunalb


    I’ve faced this question so many times I decided to write a wiki page about it—it’s not as detailed as I would like, but it should get you started with customizing the themes.

    Hope that helps.



    Sufussion and Atahualpa , the 2 themes use quite different coding structure. You do need to consult the theme developer to get a smooth intergration.



    @imjscn Yeah! I totally agree with you. I had tried to integrate BB to Atahualpa Theme for my site but there were a lot of troubles because of their different structures.



    They provide lots of theme options, it’s wonderful if you don’t need to do anything out of the options. But once you go beyond the options, for every little bit customizing you need to learn their ways, that means you have to learn things on both sides. At a point, I decide I would spend time only on one side. BP is a big thing, actively developing, it’s un-avoidable that you want to implement new stuffs every now and then. That why I finally settled down on BP with child theme. At beginning, it’s difficult– for every little bit, you need some code. After get used to the standard way of doing things, it becomes easy.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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